We stock an ever growing range of shortfills (larger nicotine free bottles, with room for you to add Nic shots - generally best kept at a 3mg strength to ensure you get the most out of the flavour).

Please note, we are always updating our range of shortfills, so while we will try to update this list on a regular basis - please message us to ask if we've got what you're after currently in stock.


All listed prices include the nic shots to make the liquid a 3mg - if you would like to make it stronger, add £1 for an extra nic shot for 60ml bottles, or £2 for 2 extra nic shots for 120ml bottles. 

All shortfills other than the City 50/50 range are high VG liquids, so are best suited for use in sub-ohm tanks.

60ml Shortfills


Grafters - (Discontinued - £5 while stocks last)

Amara (Heisenberg)

Berry Custard



Pear Drops


Wammy (Wham Bars)

City Vape 50/50 Mix (suitable for all tanks) - £10

Arctic Mint

Blackberg (Blackcurrant Menthol)

Blackpool Rock

Blue Mint (Blueberry Spearmint Menthol)


City Berg (Mango Heisenberg)

City Jack (Blackjack)

City Red (Cherry Aniseed Menthol)

Cola Bottles


Rhubarb & Custard

Sherbet Fizz


Strawberry Chews

Strawberry & Kiwi

Tobacco 1960

City Vape 80/20 Mix - £10

Blackberg (Blackcurrant Menthol)

Blackpool Rock

Cafe Latte (Creamy Coffee Latte)

City Berg (Mango Heisenberg)

Lemon Ice Cream Waffle

Mams Milk (Strawberry Biscuit Cream)

Peach Passion (Peach Passionfruit)

Rhubarb & Custard

Sherbet Fizz

Strawberry Chews

Strawberry & Kiwi

Vanilla Custard

Watermelon Bomb

Vampire Shortz - £12

Cool Blue Slush (Blue Slush)

Cool Red Slush (Berry Slush)

Cool Yellow Slush (Tropical Mango Slush)

Grapefruit Sunrise

Highland Soda (Irn Bru)

Purple Fusion (Grape Blackcurrant Menthol)


Watermelon Mojito

Innevape Up Box - £14

Ace (Strawberry Cheesecake)

Carousel (Cotton Candy)

Carousel Ice (Cotton Candy Ice)

Hippie Puffs (Berry Crunch Cereal)

St33p (Citrus Blue Raspberry Candy)

The Berg USA (Blue Slushie)

The Berg USA Menthol (Blue Slushie Menthol)

Vampire KonceptXIX - £15

Blood Sukka



IVG - £15

Blackberg (Blackcurrant Menthol)

Blue Lollipop (Sour Blue Raspberry Lollipop)

Blue Raspberry

Blueberg Burst (Heisenberg)

Blueberry Crush (Blueberry Menthol)

Cola Bottles

Nutty Custard

Purple Slush (Blackcurrant Grape Slush)

Rainbow Candy (Sherbet Skittles)

Summer Blaze (Summer Fruits Menthol)

120ml Shortfills


Grafters - £12 or 2 for £20

Amara (Heisenberg)


Berry Mix




Fruit Salad

Lemon & Lime



Mixed Fruit





Fog Fam - (Discontinued - £10 while stocks last)

Belgium Banana Waffle

Blue Meth (Heisenberg)

Custard Cream

Fizzy Berry Freeze (Berry Menthol)

Jam Rolly Poly

Lemon Doughnut

Mountain Juice (Mountain Dew)

Ore Eoh Cookie (Oreo)

Pink Wafer

Tropical Freeze (Tropical Menthol)

Twisted Lemon and Lime


Victoria Jam Sponge

Gross - £15 or 2 for £28

Cream of Cockroach (Lemon Cookie Custard)

Mashed Maggots (Gummy Worms)

Meal Worm (Mixed Fruit Menthol)

Raccoon Roadkill (Black Jack Menthol)

Diddy's Donuts - £15 or 2 for £28

Boston Cream



The Cloud Factory - £15 or 2 for £28

Banana Milkshake

Chocolate Shake

Mixed Berry Milk

Strawberry Shake

Vanilla Mint Shake

Freaks - £15 or 2 for £28

Apple & Pear

Berry Tunes

Cherry Tunes

Frosted Candy (Candy Mint)

Holy Water (Summer Fruits Menthol)


Phobia (Mixed Berry)

Pink Lemonade

Raspberry Donut

Strawberry Milk

Freaks V2 - £15 or 2 for £28

AOL (Strawberry Grape)

Applerry (Apple Cherry Menthol)

Blue Rain (Blueberry Menthol)

Fruit Sour (Lemonade Sour Apple)

Hagan (Mixed Fruit Menthol)

Jucifer (Apple Strawberry Rhubarb)

Keldor (Twister Lolly - Pineapple Strawberry Lime)

Kwan (Mango Menthol)

Maximus (Fruit Sherbet Candy)

Nimue (Pineapple Menthol)

Purple Rain (Blackcurrant Menthol)

Quirky (Blueberry Grape Menthol)

Squaddie (Berries Mixed Fruit Menthol)

Zimmi (Lime Menthol)

Mama Hetty's - £15 or 2 for £28

Lemon Curd

Raspmopolitan (Blue Raspberry Menthol)

Scrumpberry (Strawberry Lime Apple Cider)

Mogul - £15 or 2 for £28

Kiwi (Kiwi light Mint)

Raspberry (Raspberry light Mint)

Lucky Thirteen - £17.50 or 2 for £30

Anarchy (Blueberry & Raspberry)

Black Widow (Blackberry Aniseed Menthol)

Kong Blood (Fizzy Strawberry Ice Soda)

Mallow Spell (White Chocolate Cheesecake)

Pagon (Ice Tropical Sherbet)

Raven (Tropical Citrus Berry Aniseed)

Slam Berry (Purple Fruit Aniseed Menthol)

Voodoo Berry (Mixed Berry)

Ruthless - £25

EZ Duz it on ice (Strawberry Watermelon Menthol)

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