Warranty & Returns

While we strive to only stock the best of the best, unfortunately things can sometimes go wrong (hardware is mass produced, like most other things in this modern world). In the extremely rare occasion that something unexpected does happen, we are always happy to help. 

We operate a 31 day shop guarantee on all mods and all in one style kits. This covers any manufacturing faults resulting in the battery not working. Unfortunately, this does not cover any damage through misuse (e.g. kits not working from being dropped/bashed around, charging ports coming loose from heavy handedness/forcing the charger in the wrong way, water damage, breaking the 510/ego connection from over tightening your tank). Please remember that e-cigs are delicate and should be handled with care.


Coils (and the coils inside new tanks) are covered by a 24 hour dead on arrival policy. Please note, coils that have been burnt out by dry burning (e.g. not priming/leaving enough time for your juice to soak in) or using overly sweet (coil killer) liquids are not included under this guarantee, so please be sure to fully saturate the coil before vaping on it, and avoid using coil killer flavours unless you're happy to spend extra on more coils. D.O.A coils have a distinct metallic taste (or just don't fire at all from the get go), so we can tell the difference. If you need any help with this, please ask us before using your kit.

Tanks are covered by a 24 hour dead on arrival policy. Crossed/worn down threads (from over tightening), smashed glass and leaking is not included under this guarantee as they are only caused by misuse. As we always tell our customers, it's a common misconception that your tank needs to be super tight to prevent any leaks, it's actually the opposite - wearing down the thread on your tank by constantly tightening it as hard as you can can cause your tank to leak. Leaking generally only happens if your coil is past its prime, or is not screwed into the base properly. It is common to get a bit of liquid residue around the air holes & mouthpiece and is not a cause for concern; it's caused by the vapour turning back into liquid after use, and is easily fixed by regular cleaning (wiping away any residue in your air holes with a bit of tissue once every few days does the trick!). 

Liquids are sold as seen/tasted, and are not covered under any warranty. This is due to them being consumable products - so if you're unsure when choosing a flavour, please make full use of our testing station (all of the liquids we sell are available to try before you buy!). That being said, if you realise you've bought the wrong flavour, we can swap them for another flavour within 7 days of purchase (remember to bring your receipt!) and as long as the bottles are unopened and undamaged. The bottle caps have safety seals on them, so if they are broken unfortunately we are unable to swap them.

This only applies to 10ml bottles, all shortfills are sold as seen/tasted.

Please be aware that in order for us to process any return, we do require proof of purchase, so please keep hold of your receipts when purchasing hardware.


Please note, if we cannot immediately detect a fault with the product and you're unsatisfied with our decision, we have 48 hours to test it out for further inspection, and if we do find a fault we can then proceed with swapping/refunding the product for you, but if no faults are found the product will be available for you to collect in store at your earliest convenience. 

As long as you follow our advice, we're sure that you will not encounter any problems.


In the unlikely event that something unexpected does happen, please get in touch with us as soon as you can so that we can try to resolve whatever issue you're having. Whilst we would love to be able to swap/refund any product you're unhappy with, we are only able to do so if the product has a genuine manufacturing fault, or is completely sealed in original packaging with no signs of tampering, and only within 31 days of purchase (products can not be returned if they do not meet this criteria).